Statute of Limitations for Tax Returns 

Depending on the type of expenditure the calculation base for the payment of income tax/tax refunds can be reduced, which may lead the taxpayer to have less tax to pay or even entitled to a refund.

Expenses that can decrease the value you have to pay, or even give you larger tax refunds are called deductible expenses are defined by the government of each and every country. The rationale for the choice of the expenses that can reduce the tax payment is the need of spending.

Revenue also limits the amounts that can be deducted from the tax refund calculation basis for some types of expenses that can be deducted, as in the case of expenditure on education, for example.

Expenditure on technical education, primary, secondary, higher, postgraduate, masters and doctorate can only be slaughtered to certain limits, that is why it is essential that you get a hold of professionals who are able to do the tax refunds as well as possible. A great option is

The following are the limits and rules of valid deductions for the declaration of Income Tax 2016:

Reduction of value for those who choose the simplified declaration – depends on each country. Contac a professional for further information.

Deductions for expenses such as spending on education and health, and the dependent deduction, are only allowed if the taxpayer opt for the complete model in time to fill the income tax statement.

Statute of Limitations for Tax Returns 

This is because the option for completing the simplified declaration ensures a single reduction of 20% on taxable income. The only discount of 20% generated by the declaration fill in the simplified model may or may not be more advantageous than the discount obtained by the individual reduction of costs deductible in full statement. So make sure you contact for complete information.

To find out what kind of statement is more advantageous, just fill the declaration with the required data. Before the document is actually sent, the statement generator program automatically indicates which model will generate less tax to pay. If you need to know more you should visit this link: here. Who opt for the full statement can shoot down a value of real extra 2 thousand dollars.


In full statement can shoot down spending on education can help you make the best out of your tax returns.

They can only be slaughtered expenses technical education, primary, secondary, higher, postgraduate, masters and doctorate. This type of deductible expense does not include spending on school supplies and extracurricular activities, such as language or preparatory courses schools.

Value of domestic servant allowance

In the full statement, you can deduct a lot of cash from proving you have someone that helps you around the house.

Value  with medical expenses – here you add as much as you can, there are no limits

There is no limit value for the deduction of health spending, but not all types of medical expenses can be deducted from the tax base. In the end, you can visit our top article to read more. To declare these expenses, you must have the receipts for expenses, such as receipts and invoices or the report sent by the health plan, containing the name, address and Social Security number of those who received the payments.

Among the medical expenses deductible in tax refund statement are spending on admission, examinations, consultations, appliances and prostheses; and health plans, undertaken for the benefit of those states or their dependents (see what the deductible medical expenses of income tax).